Product Description

Let the fashion get a new touch of craft with HTI. The classic collection of fashion accessories and clothing here flaunts the pure Indian art that can create a contemporary outfit for any casual or special occasion.


Feel the beauty of India with the collection of Indian handicraft products such as artificial jewellery, lamps, wood crafts, etc. These products are manufactured by skilled artisans and flaunts at the amazing art of India. The traditionally designed earrings can be worn with all western and traditional attire to add a glimpse of trend. Similarly pair up the collection of beaded Footwear, scarves, bracelets, anklets neck piece and other accessories that are styled with the vibrant touch of art to make your style charming and unique.

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Traditionally Design Earrings
Handcraft Nacklaces
Indian Scarves & Stoles
Quality & Cost Effective Handmade Bags
Indian Decorative Items For Home
Indian Decorative Handmade Lamps
Custom Handmade Leathercraft Belts
Indian Handmade Footwear

Every house needs a sophisticated look. With the collection of lamps and wood craft accessories, find a new way to renovate your house interior and give your house the touch that defines who you are. The finely styled lights, candles and lamps will get the strategic spots in the house, which will highlight the particular area, a wall, pictures or a statuette. They can also be decorative in themselves. With the wood craft collection as wall hangings, photo frames and much more, you can make your living a bit luxurious and well styled. The wood craft is best to add a refreshing touch in the house.


Hira Tek International is working with the prior objective to promote the vibrant handicraft and aditional artwork of India. The skilled craft workers with their amazing talent and dedication are always welcomed here to promote the skills they have. We as a platform are committed towards presenting the art of various states as Indiancraft under one roof.

The rural based products depicting the cultural side of various states are the products, Hira Tek International is endorsing in the urban market. The organization assists other platforms in sourcing of all kind of clothing and handiwork accessories with a single base. Presenting the purest form of Indian art and culture. We are linking the rural producers from the states like Assam, Bihar and much more, to the modern and urban export. Our effort is also providing the ruler state a mean of employment using their inheritance. The contemporary art based products at HTI is a simple step to bring the hidden art of India in a frame and to provide the workers, a fair and better mean of occupation. Hira Tek International endorses the handicrafts product in the market as the variety of fashion accessory one can easily use. The collection of HTI includes assortment in accessories, jewellery, and clothing. With the collection we are connecting to the audience through e commerce for a better approach and building up the business by a continuous collaboration with R&D team, business team and manufacturers.

Project Setps


Providing yarn and raw material to the weavers and respective workers who are assigned for the particular job.


The work of weaving, cutting and finishing all is done at our factory at Hathras that is situated 150 km from Delhi. & Designs are made and selected to give each product an attractive touch.


The vendors from different areas are connected that provide us the complete manufactured accessories. Lastly, we via social media, e commerce and other marketing techniques promote the products.

Each product at our site is manufactured differently. Different workers are assigned for each work at all different regions.


  • Buying material and assembling them together that is then supplied to the workers.
  • The skilled workers are occupied for the craving of designs and molding the jewellery that gave them an attractive and artistic touch.
  • We hold the capacity to design and manufacture around 10,000 necklace 4000 hand loomed scarves per month.

    • LAMPS

      • The glass is made manually by our labors at Moradabad.
      • The entire designing and carving of the lamps are done by the artisans and workers working there.
      • The vendors supply and manage the entire work for the same.


          • The Footwear are handmade.
          • The pattern is designed and finalized first that includes the embroidery work and other decorative art.
          • The cutting and finishing of raw material such as leather is done by our workers to form the sole and upper body part.
          • The finishing part is accomplished after the lasting of insole and pasting of put sole.
          • Minimum of 100 pairs are made per 100 designs manually.
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